paul-headshotMy name is Paul Ocampo and I fell in love with Idaho in 2016 when I moved here from Ecuador. I come from a small farming town called El Carmen where my family owns a plantain farm. From a young age, my dad taught me to work for the things that I wanted in life. And I sure did. When I was in middle school, I started bringing snacks to sell them to my classmates for a profit. My first business venture went great, until the principal told me I couldn’t do it anymore because I was undercutting the cafeteria’s profits.

All my life I had told myself I would become a mechanical engineer because I love challenges, and becoming one would be one of them. That changed during my last year of high school when I discovered I was very interested in investing. After years of telling myself I would become an engineer, I decided to go to college to study financing.

After working as a top-server, customer service representative, and fitness trainer, I found real estate. And once again, I fell in love. I have always dreamt of having a career where I would develop deep and meaningful relationships with others, while integrating my entrepreneurial ideas. That’s exactly what real estate has allowed me to do, and I could not be happier with my decision.

Outside of real estate, I love working out. One of the reasons why I love working out is because I believe every person should strive to become better every day. That’s reflected on my business, personality, and knowledge. I also love discovering new places and new cultures.

Most people would tell you I am hard working, ambitious, and caring. My family would say that I’m loving, passionate, and unique in the way I do things. When you work with me, not only do you work with someone who isn’t afraid to put everything on the line to get you the results you’re looking for, but you also become part of my family, and as a family member, I will treat you with the care of the people I love.