devin-headshot1Many years of my life were consumed by my efforts to chase dollars and titles. After 40+ years, I’m happy to say that I have finally achieved some clarity on what it is in my life that gives me the sense of fulfillment and happiness which I’ve been looking for. The opportunity to serve and help people is the one aspect of every job I have ever had that truly motivated me.

I am a southern California native, and I have also lived in Phoenix, AZ and Hillsboro, OR. We really enjoyed the northwest, but we always found ourselves drawn back to southern California to be close with immediate family who all live in SoCal.

As our family grew, we felt the burden of trying to survive in expensive Southern California on a single income. We decided to be bold and follow some friends of ours who had also moved their families here to Idaho and are extremely happy with their decision. We are so happy that we took the leap of faith and relocated to Idaho.
We all love it here!

Since relocating my family to Idaho in search of a better quality of life, I decided that helping people to put down their own roots by purchasing a home or even a vacation property would be a great fit with my desire to serve and help people while continuing to support my family.

I have a great work ethic and am good at listening to others’ needs. I am creative and continuously search for ways to achieve my clients’ goals. I will use my strong analytical skills, passion for serving, and industry relationships to become your most valuable asset and friend when looking to buy, sell, or invest in Idaho Real Estate.